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Booklet Design

The Bibendum Guide to Sake was created in conjunction with Natsuki Kikuya from the Museum of Sake in London.

Sake consumption in the UK has grown rapidly over the last four years due in no small part to the efforts of Bibendum and its London sales team. 

The category has been misunderstood for many years but in conjunction with Natsuki and the Museum of Sake we aimed to demystify the beverage and raise its profile, with inspired food matches and cocktail innovation.

The booklet was created to educate people on the history and the craft used in the brewing process. The traditional serving techniques and the terms used for the many styles. Flavour wheels and food matches are used to explain the complex flavours and the interaction with different ingredients. 

The guide and the launch of the new product range won the 'Best Launch' at Drinks Business Awards in 2015.

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