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Wine Label Design

La Petite Plume is a lower alcohol wine from the Cotes de Gascogne in France. Rather than mechanical processes the traditional technique of the picking fruit early achieves a lower ABV of 9%. With the rise no/low drinking attitudes lower alcohol products are increasingly on offer, Sainsbury's wanted to be in front of the curve and worked with us to create 'La Petite Plume' a play on words meaning 'the small feather' in reference to the lighter style wine.

The brief asked us to create packaging to express the feeling of lightness and vitality. The hand-made label effect was created using a technique of overlaying different colours and textures in the printing process that makes each label unique and along with the foiled elements it creates a label with refinement and elegance with just a hint of irreverence.

La Petite Plume: About
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La Petite Plume: Headliner
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