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Label Design

The Niizawa Sake Brewery has been making Sake in Miyagi since 1873. The great earthquake of 2011 destroyed many homes, businesses and communities across the region. 

Niizawa were fortunate enough to be able to rebuild their brewery and now have a state of the art facility producing some of the best Sake in Japan.

Wanting to give back to those whose lives were devastated by the earthquake, a portion of their Umeshu (plum sake) is donated back to the local community.

Niizawa approached us to design the label to go onto their Umeshu Sake in the UK sold through Bibendum Wine. 

The final label creative depicts the lone surviving pine tree (of 70,000 trees) that miraculously survived the disaster on the hillside in Miyagi. The living monument of tulip flowers spell out 'North-Eastern Japan' in tribute to those who lost their lives and loved ones in the earthquake.

Niizawa Umeshu Sake Label: About
Niizawa Umeshu Sake Label: Headliner
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